Labyrinth Is Open

The labyrinth at Superstition Mountain Campus, Central Arizona College in Apace Junction is open. Community members will gather at 6 p.m., May 2 with drums, sage, candles, sacred oils, holy waters, and open hearts to bless the sacred space and walk the labyrinth.

College students, staff, and community members have already been taking advantage of this meditative and calming practice since it was completed two weeks ago. A ribbon-cutting ceremony by campus dean Julian Easter officially opened the labyrinth, which is the first on a college campus in Arizona, the fourth in Apache Junction, and thought to be the twentieth in the Phoenix-Tucson area.

All are welcome. Join us!

The labyrinth project was midwifed by Rhonda Jackson, CAC/SMC Librarian and a learner in Heartwing Education’s Practical Mysticism and Ordination Preparation programs. It was her service project for the, “Mystical Practicum,” capstone course. Heartwing Education provided logistical and spiritual support for the project.

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