Toward the One …

One finds as one’s heart expands and the experience of union with the One is increasingly one’s lived experience that words and even thoughts fail one. Truth, like love, is experienced and though one may possess great gifts of expression, any expression fails to convey even a tiny portion of the experience.

Rumi had a numinous, transcendent, experience of union with the Divine, perhaps beyond even fana fi Allah (extinction of the self in Allah) and went home and spent a year writing poetry trying to sort out and explain just what he’d learned, what he’d experienced in that time. Many of us (people, humans) also have even tiny flashes of Divine Union, or what the Christians call, “the Sacred Marriage,” or moments of experiencing gnosis or oneness with the Source of All and find awareness changed, expression changed, and perhaps even our very path in the world changed in direction, quality, and purpose. As the lived Self matters less, indeed fades to nothingness including awareness of want, need, or desire to experience anything or to express anything, one may find the essential unity behind what earlier appeared to be disparate or disagreeing points of view.

At least, that’s what one seems to understand about this now. In truth, what this one knows is nothing and one is become nothing … there is only One.

Luccia Jalila


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