Soul Can’t Be Sold, Wisdom Can’t Be Bought

This, “reality show,” approach to life is getting stupid. People have to compete to prove they’re a good person doing good works? Really? Don’t we remember what happens every time humans play the, “my (religion/beliefs/practices) are better than yours,” game?

Why can’t the sponsors of this silly, anti-human, anti-heart, and anti-spirit, “contest,” share the wealth with all these people? Winner-take-all proves what, really?

Enough with the marketing of soul, the competition of, “spirit,” the packaging of, “wisdom.” Social media is little more than communication, the only other function it seems to serve is advertising, marketing, selling, selling, selling.

The ability to be packaged and marketed and sold to create a pile of wealth is not now, has never been, and will never be, “proof,” of the validity of spirituality or good works. The changes in the heart that affect the whole life and thus, the whole world cannot be sold, bought, packaged, nor marketed, they are the result only of personal attention to one’s own heart, one’s own spirit, one’s own soul.

But, there’s no profit in that, is there?

About drluccia

Seeker, Sufi, Educator, Interfaith Minister, Coffee Roaster, Wife, Grandmother, Veteran, Musician, Poet, Writer, n' Stuff 'n Things.
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