Them, they, over there, those ‘monsters’, those bombers

Someone I know requested hearing only good stories about the recent tragedies, specifically the bombing in Boston. This has been a lot to take in, but today a good story came to me. Allow me to share it with you.

One good story in this is to remember that we are that, too. Whatever else anyone has done is within our abilities and capacities. When we look at another and see evil, we are seeing ourselves. There is no difference between us at the point each soul exists. But, it can be helpful to most as we grow and mature and evolve to start with this idea of, “them, over there,” and, “me, or us, over here.”

Promote the good stories of all who helped, but demonizing any, “other,” has no effect on them and a negative effect on oneself. Focus on the healing, not the pain. Focus on the the helpers, not those who created the situation that needed help. Ultimately, yes, forgive them all.

When Jesus was dying and he forgave his killers, forgave all humanity, he set the bar for forgiveness. Fortunately, he also said more than once that anything he did we could and would do.

Are we really to continue to pray on Sunday and seek revenge on Monday? Or, are we ready to grow beyond our fear, anger, and hurt?

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt asked us to remember that when the bad happens, it’s up to us to look it in the eye and say there are more of us that are good, and we will win. By not giving in to our anger nor seeking revenge and by standing up to the darkness within and without, we will win. We all win. The prize is the polished heart that reflects the best within us, the light of the Divine to all around us. Light always displaces the dark.

They, over there, are us, over here. Our light is their light.

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