About Dr Luccia

luccia jalila rogers

Rev. Dr. Luccia Rogers is a life-long seeker whose journey led her to become a scholar, educator, interfaith minister, and anamchara (soul friend)/spiritual guide. As part of her calling to serve, she created thePractical Mysticism and Interfaith Ordination Preparation programs to prepare those who are called to serve and to serve those who wish to deepen their learning. She was also a co-founder of Earth Spirit Community, an interfaith spiritual community. 

Decades before Indigo children were recognized, Luccia Rogers saw human auras, empathically connected with all around her, and had several experiences of, “Union with the Divine.” Her challenging childhood compelled her to both look within to understand and conduct extensive studies of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions as there was little support for her mystical journey.


Dr. Rogers was blessed to earn a Master’s degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality from Holy Names University in Oakland, and a Doctoral degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her education included global gender and sex roles and identities, comparative religions, global mystical traditions, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, dreamwork, and academic support for the concept that all learning is unified and interconnected.


She was ordained an interfaith minister in the Sufi tradition of the Universal Worship and her ministry includes spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, and life-event celebrant and ritualist. She also practices an innate energy healing technique revealed to her three decades ago.


Her spiritual path has included both Protestant and Catholic Christianity, earth-centered traditions such as wicca, and, for almost two decades, participation in the Universal Sufism brought to the West by Inayat Khan.


An educator with a broad range of expertise, she teaches courses in Psychology, Comparative Religions, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Social Psychology, Mythology, and Storytelling and Oral Tradition, and Science Fiction as Literature at a number of colleges.

Dr. Rogers is also an experienced human sexuality educator whose volunteer work with San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) included co-creation of their, “Train the Trainers,” curriculum.

She is an avid cook, musician, motorcyclist who is married and shares her home with three cats.


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