Say Yes … to Serve

This week, I had the great honor to meet with Rev. Kyle Hutchinson, Doreen Hutchinson (his mother), and for a bit with Ken Hutchinson (father and husband). Kyle, Doreen, and I discussed the details of the legal creation of Earth Spirit Church.

Earth Spirit Church is a dream of Rev. Kyle that is coming into being. He did me the great honor of inviting me to become one of the directors of the church, responsible for the education programs. As I have learned to say Yes to Yes, I listened with care to my inner guidance, to the voice of the Source of All within, and said yes.

When I was ordained a cheraga (minister) of the Universal Worship, I knew in my heart of hearts that my service would primarily be of support, of counseling, of healing, of teaching. There was to be a church at some point, but I knew it wouldn’t be in the traditional sense of serving as a pastor with a pulpit. And so, in the fulness of time, I am now serving to bring a church into being.

The community that is growing up centered upon Earth Spirit Center and now Earth Spirit Church is of all ages, all original spiritual paths, and is made of people seeking a place of welcoming, safety, community, healing, sharing, and learning. It may seem odd that in Arizona, a state well-known for official bigotry, narrowness, and a culture proud of its close-ness, there are people of openness, tolerance, spirituality, and who embrace non-traditional ways. But, as the apparent darkness increases in the culture, the apparent light also increases.

Earth Spirit Church will include “alternative,” healing modalities offered by practitioners, outreach to prisoners, young people, and GLBTQQI folk, community arts events, monthly Healing Nights, weekly community worship services, a growing range of classes, spiritual direction, Metaphysical fairs … As the needs of the community grow, so will the church.

My sense is that of floating in the flowing river, and of being in the gentle, easy water. There are rocks, but I will be carried past them and will not be harmed. Ya Fatah!

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Seeker, Sufi, Educator, Interfaith Minister, Coffee Roaster, Wife, Grandmother, Veteran, Musician, Poet, Writer, n' Stuff 'n Things.
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